A Brief Word from the Board of Direrctors

Dear readership,

In light of current events, the Board would like to assure our loyal clientele that the upcoming VORP release has been deemed fit for human consumption! Rest assured that quality control team will continue its rigorous testing program to insure that a error-free and sanitary product is delivered for optimal brain satisfaction.

In a related note, laboratory testing has determined that any exposure to the fungal bloom discovered in the break room last week will almost certainly not not be fatal. For those of you still under quarantine, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Perspicaciously yours,
The Board


Mr. LA Sports Fan said...

I'm in third?

I'm...I'm just so happy, I could cry.

Mr. Customer said...


Our scoring method does reward persistence. It's also convoluted enough that it seems a bit like magic.

The next two will be worth more in the final count because of the weighted total, so gird your loins, VORPers.

Josh S. said...

Is it tomorrow, Wednesday, or both?

Mr. Customer said...



There is going to be baseball, and some dodgers will be playing it. That's good enough for me.

Josh S. said...

That's what I thought. That was always the Sons' rule, but I figured I'd ask.

Dusty Baker said...

Quality control that damned extraneous apostrophe!

Mr. Customer said...

Damn those sneaky little fuckers!