Solution: Vox Populi, Vox Dei

Well, that about clears it out in here ladies and gentlemen. Here's how yesterday's puzzle broke down. Starting with the familiar quote from Vin, and changing the letters as instructed, one moves from page to page, each starting and ending with a familiar quote.

"A very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be." (Vin Scully) becomes "Baseball is only dull to dull minds" (Red Barber) becomes "I led the league in go get 'em next time." (Bob Uecker) becomes "It could be. It might be. It is! A home run!" (Harry Caray) becomes "I went through baseball as a player to be named later" (Joe Garagiola) becomes "...behind the bag, it gets by Buckner!" (Vin Scully)

The second Scully quote becomes an instruction. "Tinyurl. Use the first letter of each last name."

The quotes run Scully, Barber, Uecker, Caray, Garagiola, Scully, so the resulting URL is http://tinyurl.com/sbucgs, which takes you to Don Drysdale's Baseball Reference page.

It has been a wild ride with you guys, though I'm looking forward to a offseason to replenish the contents of my cranium.

Sadly, the victory parade has been canceled due to a slow economic quarter, but the board of directors has graciously agreed to provide a small token of gratitude to the victor for his efforts, to be announced shortly.


Vox Populi, Vox Dei

This is your VORP season right here, folks. It starts in a very familiar way. I trust you will approve

"A very pleasant good evening to you, wherever you may be."

1. Change "Pleasant" to the last name of the MLB player who shares his first name with Dodger farmhand Paul, and move after the name of a month.

2. Delete every vowel, including Y

3. Replace every R with LL

4. Change every V to U, every H to A, and every W to O

5. Replace the last name of a Washington National with the position he plays.

6. Replace an ordinal number with "only"

7. Switch the first letter that appears before a double letter with the letter that occurs before the next double letter.

8. Change G to IS.

9. Move the last letter to the front, then move the 16th letter to the end.

10. Move the 16th and 17th letters four positions to the right. 

11. Move the 15th letter 9 positions to the right.

12. Move the antonym for "acid" to the beginning of the line.

13. Add a D before every U             

14.Go to http://caveemptorem.blogspot.com/p/last name of the person quoted.html

The answer to the puzzle is a Dodger. Comment freely in the thread, but if you have the solution, please don't give it away to everyone in the comments section. Instead, do the following:
  • email me with the first and last name of the Dodger who is the answer, along with your reasoning (answers arrived at via luck or the wrong reasoning, even if correct, count for participation credit only). Please include your screen name somewhere in the email.
  • Post a comment simply saying you have emailed your solution attempt. I may not be able to reply to your original email promptly, so please be patient and check back on the comment thread for the latest news; I may confirm correct answers there.

You have until 11pm PT tonight to submit your answer. Solution will be posted tomorrow. Good luck!